About Us

Doug and Gail moved to their home in South China in 2003. The home sits on a beautiful lot with many maple trees, so they went to work quickly cutting and opening up the sugar grove.  Cameron and Glen, young children at the time, helped tap trees and boil in an old ice shack using a large pot on a propane turkey cooker.

 Raider and Sugarhouse

In 2012, the sugarhouse was built, and a LaPierre wood fired evaporator was purchased. They named the business “Raider’s Sugarhouse”, after the family husky-lab mix that supervised the tapping of the trees, and licking up the sweet sap. “He loves the outdoors as much as us!”

In 2017 Doug, with his admirable carpentry skills, expanded the sugar house and purchased a yet again bigger evaporator.

“We now have D & G evaporator with a steam hood with preheater which allows a more efficient and less boiling time.  We are very excited and welcome you to visit us!”

As the business keeps growing, Raider’s now delivers monthly to regular customers and retailers.